Quick Decode: Success; freedom; in partnership


Popular Expressions: Being in step; Lead you a merry dance; Make a song and dance about it


Possible Meanings:

Are you at a dance in your dream? What type of dance is it? Is it an old-fashioned type of dance, with participants taking part in the fox-trot and waltz? Or is it more like a dance party? If it’s the former, does it symbolize a desire to be in partnership, either work or love related? Or do you prefer to dance alone, suggesting individual freedom? If you’re dancing with a partner, are you dancing in step, or is it awkward and embarrassing, indicating that perhaps you should not be in partnership with this person? Are you dancing in your dream or sitting back watching? If it’s the latter, do you feel that others are enjoying life but you can’t? If you’re dancing, is it a time of release and celebration in your life? Perhaps you’re enjoying a recent success.