Quick Decode: Reconnection; fond memories; support


Popular Expressions: Leap of faith; heart to heart; made in heaven


Possible Meanings:

There isn’t many more things satisfying than a visit from our loved ones. Whether they’re still with us or their departed it’s nice to be around people that we love and who love us. When we dream of people that have crossed over it’s usually because we miss them and we feel that it’s our only form of communication. There have been hundreds of books written on how they communicate and just as many written on it’s impossible for them to communicate. I prefer to believe that somehow during our dreams we all tap into the universal consciousness or the world of infinite possibilities and in those moments we are able to communicate. If you are fortunate enough to connect via your dreams try to remember the message, explore how you felt and what was your reaction. Most of my research shows that there is often no other purpose other than to reassure you that they are still around, they are watching over you and if they can intervene they will assist you in your highest evolution.