Quick Decode: Strength; affluence; desirability


Popular Expressions: A rough diamond; Diamonds are a girl’s best friend


Possible Meanings:

Do the diamonds in your dream appear as jewellery or gems? If you dream of diamond jewellery, it’s a symbol of completion. If you dream of diamond gems, you may feel as though you’re a rough diamond and need to do a lot more work on yourself to feel a sense of completion. Who has the diamonds in your dream? Are they yours, indicating affluence and strength? What are you doing with the diamonds? If you’re showing them off, do you wish to display achievement? Do the diamonds in your dream belong to someone else? Do you feel envious of, or are you impressed with, this person’s show of affluence? Diamonds also symbolize desirability and engagement. Do you wish someone would get down on bended knee and propose to you with a big, glittery diamond?