Quick Decode: Safety; communication; best of both worlds


Popular Expressions: Neither fish nor fowl; fish out of water; big fish in a small pond


Possible Meanings:

Communication is the key symbol when you dream of a dolphin. Without words, they are still able to communicate their feelings to us. Is there something you need to communicate in your life? Or do you wish to promote greater understanding on an issue? Dreaming of dolphins may indicate that your life is without struggle and you’re looking at it with a greater state of awareness, as dolphins are often seen frolicking effortlessly in a harmonious environment. Is the dolphin in your dream performing tricks? Are you doing the same thing to get someone’s attention? Dolphins are also associated with the intellect and intelligence. Do you thirst for intuitive knowledge? The dolphin can also symbolize either you or someone is about to encounter good fortune and you realise that you are going to be a very large fish and the place your at will be a very small pond.