Quick Decode: Energetic; transformation of power; a sudden shock

Popular Expressions: At the flick of a switch; A bright spark


Possible Meanings:

Electricity can be a symbol for energy. Who needs a recharge? Perhaps there is too much energy, and a there may be a need for you to relax. Is the electricity powering up an object in your dream – for example, an appliance or light? How well is it powered? If the electricity is attempting to power up a flickering light in your dream, this may suggest that your energy levels are low and it may be time to look at your diet and lifestyle. Perhaps you need more sleep. Electricity could also be a symbol of a spark of imagination. Do you have a desire to be illuminated in some way? It could mean that it’s time to read more books, perhaps attend a seminar or simply chat with a mentor. Electricity seems to power almost everything these days. Is something or someone trying to over power or empower you? It’s important to distinguish between the two.