Quick Decode: Movement; ascend/descend; uplifting

Popular Expressions: Lift the roof; Not lift a finger


Possible Meanings:

The elevator is a great symbol for getting to high places with a minimal amount of effort. In your dream, do you want to get as high as you can with no exertion? The most obvious dream symbol meaning is movement, either upwards or downwards. Are you ascending or descending? If you’re ascending, can it be that you want to move up in life? Or if you’re descending, is it time for you to come down from your perch? If you dream you’re stuck in an elevator, think about it in relation to feeling stuck in your life. Is someone stuck in the elevator with you? Is your relationship with them at a standstill? To dream of an elevator may also indicate that you’re experiencing something that’s uplifting in your life, or maybe someone is pushing your buttons and bringing you down.