Quick Decode: Test; exposure; check up

Popular Expressions: Stand the test of time; Test the water; under the spotlight


Possible Meanings:

Take a look at the context of the dream. Are you a school, a university, or at some other institution? What subject are you being tested on? Does it give you clues as to what you feel you’re being tested on in life? Maybe something in your life is putting you under pressure. Why do you feel the need to be tested? Is it a time of learning for you, or are you trying to prove yourself? People on spiritual quests, who search for a deeper understanding of themselves and their lives, often dream of examinations. It signifies learning and a desire to “test” oneself. Examination dreams are often disliked. Perhaps it’s the lack of preparation rather than the test itself that you fear. Do you feel that you haven’t dedicated enough time to something in your waking life?