Quick Decode: Desire to lighten up; laughter; cleaning up (feather duster)

Popular Expressions: A feather in your cap; Birds of a feather flock together; Ruffle someone’s feathers


Possible Meanings:

Does the feather in your dream indicate that you need to lighten up? Is your unconscious telling you not to take life so seriously? Or does the feather belong to someone else, indicating that it’s time for them to lighten up?What kind of bird did the feather come from? Look at this in relation to your associations with that bird, and ask whether the feather is a symbol of a desire to adopt the attributes you associate with it. For example, if you dream of an eagle’s feather and you associate eagle with freedom, are you seeking to be free from someone or something in your life? Perhaps you saw white feathers in your dream, symbolizing cowardice. Has someone committed a cowardly act, or do you feel you have?