Quick Decode: Purification; passion; warmth

Popular Expressions: Fight fire with fire; Come under fire; Play with fire


Possible Meanings:

Fire is associated with transformation, initiation, or rite of passage in many indigenous cultures. This may because fire is the only element we can’t pollute. Therefore, it may signify that you are going through a purification process or it’s time to consider a detox or cleansing. Ask yourself how you react under fire. Is something out of your control? How are you handling it? Perhaps you feel like you’re in the line of fire. Fire can symbolize motivation, that is, being all fired up by an idea, concept, or relationship. Or it may be that you’re angry. People have dreams that their place of employment is burned down. Later it’s revealed that they fear being fired. If a fire is raging in your dream, are you or someone else trying to put it out, or fuel it? Perhaps you feel that someone in your life is trying to extinguish your life force or energy. Or perhaps they’re increasing your energy.