Quick Decode: Clever; solitude; elusive

Popular Expressions: To be as cunning as a fox; to out fox someone; Run with the fox and hunt with the hound


Possible Meanings:

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to label foxes crafty, calculating, and sneaky. Ask yourself if that’s what the fox in your dream represents.Perhaps you associate the fox with being endangered, hounded, and hunted for sport. Do you feel as it you’re being mercilessly hunted by someone or something? Native Americans often use animal totems to symbolize the “character” of an animal. Do you wish to be more like the fox? That is, more cunning in your business dealings, more acutely aware of yourself in relationships, or better able to nurture and heal yourself? (When a fox is injured, it withdraws to its cave or hole to treat its wounds.) If someone you know was with the fox in your dream, is this person not being completely honest with you?