Quick Decode: Transformation; major leaps; adaptability

Popular Expressions: A frog in your throat; a big frog in a small pond


Possible Meanings:

Frogs are as comfortable living on water as they are on land. Is there something/someone in your life you want/have to adapt to? Consider the idea of being camouflaged, too. The frog’s ability to camouflage itself is a great survival skill. Is this what you’re trying to do? Blend into the environment so that no one knows you’re there? Frogs can also indicate a desire for sudden movement, a need to get out of a situation quickly. A frog can hop out of danger in the blink of an eye. Is there a situation in your life that you want to get out of quickly? If you’re pondering a big decision, a frog in your dream may indicate a leap of faith—you’re jumping from the known into the wild blue yonder.