Quick Decode: Abundance; product of your work (fruits of your labour); protecting yourself

Popular Expressions: Forbidden fruit; the fruits of your labour; to bear fruit


Possible Meanings:

To dream of fruit is a sure sign of affluence in many contexts. We can be fruitful with our thoughts, our relationships, and our careers. It indicates a time of plenty, a fruitful harvest. What are you enjoying plenty of in your life at the moment? Are you enjoying the fruits of your labours? Also consider what you’re doing with the fruit in your dream. If you’re eating it, perhaps it indicates that your body is craving the nutrients the fruit provides. Or if you’re apprehensive about the fruit in your dream, is it a warning—a symbol of forbidden fruit? Take note of the fruit you’re eating and ask yourself if it’s in or out of season, indicating that you’re either in or out of sync with nature.