Quick Decode: Growth; identity; desirability

Popular Expressions: Hair raising; A hair’s breadth; Let your hair down


Possible Meanings:

When people dream of hair, it’s usually the hair on their head. The obvious meaning is grooming and appearance, but on a deeper level, it signifies thought and the conscious mind. What has been on your mind lately? The longer your hair is in your dream, the deeper your concerns or the more thought it is that you are placing on your concerns. Is someone playing with your hair, cutting it, styling it, or dyeing it? Is this person playing around with your thoughts in real life, or are they helping you to relieve tension? Hair is associated with sexuality. Do you feel desirable? Or are you tying your hair up, indicating a desire to hide your sexuality? Also if you’re a woman and you dream of underarm hair, it may indicate independence and a desire to disrupt the status quo.