Quick Decode: Trapped; addicted; free

Popular Expressions: Off the hook; get hooked in; hang in there


Possible Meanings:

Seeing a hook in a dream could indicate success or that you’ve finally found someone’s hot button—that is, you’ve worked out the hook that finally makes your scheme work.Does the hook in your dream symbolize being trapped—are you getting hooked in? Are you trying to get someone (or is someone trying to get you) to do something they (or you) don’t want to do? The hook may also symbolize addiction. Is this what your dream trying to draw your attention to? Who’s addicted? To be let off the hook suggests being set free. Are you or is someone else in your dream removing something from a hook, suggesting that you (or they) are being set free? The hook is also a great symbol for perseverance. Perhaps it’s telling you to hang in there.