Quick Decode: Security; comfort; government

Popular Expressions: Bring the house down; Get on like a house on fire; there is no place like home


Possible Meanings:

Houses can relate directly to the body. Where are you in the dream? What are you doing? If you’re playing in the attic, it may indicate a time of contemplation. If you’re working in the basement, you may wish to unmask a message from the subconscious. What light do you want to bring to this “secret” part of yourself? If the lounge room or living area is messy, look at your physical body. Do you feel run down? Are you ill?Become the house and ask yourself questions such as “Am I in disrepair?” “Am I attractive?” “Am I open and easy to get into?” or “Am I closed and impenetrable?”Wherever you are in the house, ask what that place represents to you and how you feel about being there.