Quick Decode: Treat; variety; sweetness

Popular Expressions: Lick something into shape; Cop it sweet; a lick and a promise


Possible Meanings:

Dreaming of ice cream could indicate that you’re licking a problem you’re currently dealing with before it gets too sticky!If you’re enjoying the ice cream in your dream, is it time to treat yourself to something pleasurable?Ice cream is supposed to be sweet, so if someone hands you ice cream in a dream and it’s sour, this may indicate that they’re not as sweet as they seem. Also, if someone else is eating the ice cream and you desire it, then perhaps your subconscious is telling you that you want more sweetness and variety in your life. Or if the ice cream is sticky and runny in your dream, it may mean that if you don’t focus on the situation at hand, it could turn out to be a real mess.