Quick Decode: Slowing down; challenges; taking offence

Popular Expressions: The first cut is the deepest


Possible Meanings:

Most of the time, an injury in a dream indicates wounded pride. Is it time for more empathy and understanding? What is injured in your dream? If it’s part of the body, consider the injury in relation to the body part. For example, if you (or someone else’s) back is injured, does it indicate that you don’t’ feel supported? Is the injury a warning that you should slow down, or that your life is particularly challenging at the moment and its time to take care of yourself? To feel injured is also to take offence. Is this what the injury in your dream signifies? Have you offended someone, or has someone offended you? When we think we’ve been dealt an injustice, we feel injured. Who do you feel has misjudged you and therefore treated you unfairly?