Quick Decode: Adornment; pretensions; investment

Popular Expressions: Jewel in the crown


Possible Meanings:

Are you wearing the jewellery in your dream, or is someone else? Is it for show or adornment? Do you (or the person wearing the jewellery) want to show the world how rich and well off you are? Does this truly represent how you (or they) feel, or is it pretence, the jewels being only for show?What is the jewellery like? Is it valuable, or cheap and tawdry? Does the jewellery reflect your self-esteem?Is a particular piece of jewellery featured in your dream? Consider the piece in relation to the part of the body you (or someone else) wear it on. For example, if it’s a necklace, how does it reflect the way you communicate, or if it’s earrings, how do they reflect your (or someone else’s) ability to listen?