Quick Decode: Organised chaos; bio-diversity; competition

Popular Expressions: Law of the jungle; It’s a jungle out there; A concrete jungle


Possible Meanings:

How do you feel about being in the jungle? Do you feel you’re stuck in an impenetrable, tangled mass, or is the jungle a symbol of beauty and richness?The jungle as a symbol of coexistence indicates that everything inhabiting the one area is complementary and rich in biodiversity. Does this represent your life?There’s a lot of imagined fear associated with the jungle. You never know what’s crawling around beside you, and you can’t be sure that you aren’t going to be ambushed from above. Are you preoccupied with imagined fears right now that keep you from enjoying the beauty that surrounds you? Or do you feel the journey you are on at the moment is full of unseen dangers and pitfalls? Are you afraid that you may not see them before it’s too late?