Quick Decode: Delay; tardiness; passed away

Popular Expressions: Better late than never; late in the date; too little, too late

Possible Meanings:

They say that time waits for no one. When you think about it, we’re never really late, if you believe you’re always in the right place at the right time. The feeling of being late in a dream is usually a lot worst than the feeling one gets when they’re actually late while wide awake. Maybe it’s because when they’re awake they’re thinking of what excuse to give rather than the fact that they are running behind schedule. Ask yourself what is it that you fear your going to miss out on? Who are you disappointing? Can it be that it’s a symbol that your life is not well organised and if you plan things more carefully and stuck to a plan you would never have another “oh no I’m running late again dream”. On occasions we may feel that we didn’t put enough energy into a project or a relationship in our dreams we may therefore arriving late at work or missing the boat. This could be due to the feeling that we have put in too little effort and it may be too late.