Quick Decode: Feminine aspects; high spirits; being influenced

Popular Expressions: Once in a blue moon; over the moon; Promise the moon

Possible Meanings:

Does the moon in your dream indicate that you want to act out of character or behave like a lunatic? To dream of the moon can signify that you’re experiencing a transformational time in your life, as the moon is associated with the unconscious. How does the moon appear in your dream? Is it a glowing full moon, indicating fullness and intensity; or is it a crescent moon, indicating new beginnings? The moon is a symbol of the feminine, of woman. Think about the feminine influences in your life. How do you feel about femininity? Consider this in relation to how the moon appears in your dream.We know that the moon influences the tides, and it’s also said to influence our emotions. Do you feel that someone or something in your life is pushing you around emotionally?