Quick Decode: Finances; group; statistics

Popular Expressions: By the numbers; safety in numbers; do a number on someone

Possible Meanings:

More than names, numbers rule our lives it’s possible for two individuals or 2 organizations to have the same name but highly unlikely to have the same identifying numbers. Whenever we see numbers in our dreams it is a very good idea to place close attention and even write them down before they disappear. Did you feel lucky when the numbers appeared or did you feel uncertain? If you felt uncertain then more exploration is required for example if you saw numbers like 233, then according to numerologist if you add them up you’d get an 8 and 8 is a symbol for abundance, 555 is a symbol of change, 999 is a symbol of heaven and we all know what 666 is. It’s not so much the number in the dream, it’s more important to work out the significance of the number to you. Many people have reported that they’ve dreamt the lottery numbers or horse racing numbers in their dreams. This on rare occasions occurs. The important thing is if you do back your numbers in your dreams and you don’t win, don’t feel that you are a loser. It usually indicates that you haven’t read the numbers correctly, then if that’s the case what is occurring in your life at the moment that you are miscalculating?