Quick Decode: Getting to the core of matters; understanding; planning ahead (army operation)

Popular Expressions: Quick fix; Cut to the bone; just what the doctor ordered

Possible Meanings:

What is being operated on in your dream? Is it a part of your body? How do you feel about the operation? Do you feel it’s necessary because it’s going to fix a long-term problem? What problem do you believe it will make better? If you’re about to be operated on in your life, either now or soon, think of the dream as a way to work through and process your emotions.An operation can also symbolize planning ahead—that is, like an army operation. Do you feel a need to prepare for the future? What needs a plan of attack? If you dream of a smooth operation, ask yourself if something that you thought would be a perilous undertaking is working out well and running more smoothly than you thought.