Quick Decode: Camouflage; decorate; rejuvenate

Popular Expressions: To paint the town red; Watch paint dry; Paint someone into a corner

Possible Meanings:

Does the paint in your dream symbolize a desire to take a fresh look at things?What are you painting? Are you trying to camouflage something or decorate and beautify it? If the painting is an attempt to camouflage, what don’t you want other people to see? Think about the object you’re trying to camouflage in relation to yourself. It may be that you want to decorate or rejuvenate this aspect of yourself.Perhaps you’re painting a picture in your dream. What is it a picture of? How do you feel about it? Is it picture perfect, or are you trying to make something picture perfect? Is it an indication of what you’ve chosen to include in your life right now, meaning that someone or something is in the picture