Quick Decode: Gift; attraction; cover up

Popular Expressions: Come up smelling of roses; On the scent; Follow your nose

Possible Meanings:

In your dream, does the perfume symbolize a desire to hide your true self from others? Do you want to camouflage the way you feel? Do you want to convince people that everything is Rosie even though you don’t feel that way inside?What are you doing with the perfume in your dream? Are you putting it on yourself, is someone else putting it on you, or are you giving or receiving the perfume? Your answers will help you determine who’s trying to camouflage whom.Perfume can also signify desire and attraction. If you’re splashing it on yourself in a dream, it may mean that you want your reputation to precede you and leave a mark. What fragrance do you use? If it’s one you don’t use, perhaps you should try it.