Quick Decode: Acting up; escapism; rehearsal

Popular Expressions: Act the part; Get in on the act; Play hard to get

Possible Meanings:

Are you playing in your dream, or do you dream of play? Clearly, if you’re playing in your dream, it indicates a joyful and uplifting (light) time in your life. Rejoice! If someone else is playing in your dream, how do you feel about it? Do you feel light and carefree, or do you get frustrated, wishing they would stop fooling around and get serious? How does this relate to a present situation?Are you watching a play in your dream, or are you part of a play? If you’re watching a play, is it a drama? Are there people you know in the play? Do you feel that they’re acting up? If you’re in a play, does it symbolize a desire for escapism? Or is it a role that you need to play out?