Quick Decode: Uncontrollable emotion; overthrowing oppression; disregard for law and order

Popular Expressions: Run read; Read the riot act

Possible Meanings:

What caused the riot? The answer to this may be more important than the riot itself, as riots don’t occur without a reason. Who’s rioting in your dream? Are you taking part in the riots or standing back watching? If you’re involved, why do you need to take such desperate action? Is something in your life being thwarted by uncontrollable emotion? A riot also symbolizes overthrowing oppression. Are you overthrowing something or someone that you feel has had an oppressive influence on your life? If other people are rioting in your dream, what are they rioting about, and how do you feel about it? Rioting is an act of defiance. Is it time to take things into your own hands regarding a certain matter right now?