Quick Decode: Clean up; submerge; soak

Popular Expressions: Everything but the kitchen sink; all washed up; hook, line and sink

Possible Meanings:

The kitchen sink is one of the items that is usually left behind when people move on. Does the sink in your dream signify that you want to move on in your life? The sink may also be a symbol of looming danger. Are things around you sinking, or is something that you’ve been trying to keep afloat slowly going under? Do you feel that you’re all washed up, or that someone else is? Maybe you’ve just experienced a situation where someone has fooled or misled you and you feel that you’ve been taken in hook, line, and sinker. If you’re at a crossroads in your life and have to make a difficult decision, you may see a sink full of water. It’s time to decide whether you’re going to sink or swim.