Quick Decode: Communication; bridging distance; intrusion

Popular Expressions: A close call; to get through to someone; Ring true

Possible Meanings:

Dreaming of a telephone may indicate a desire to be brought closer to someone.What are you doing with the telephone in your dream? Are you trying to call someone? Many people dream that they’re trying to do so but are unable to dial the numbers, or they dial them incorrectly. If you have such a dream, ask yourself what you’d like to communicate. Whom do you want to get through to?If a telephone is ringing in your dream, do you answer it? If you don’t, perhaps it’s not time to communicate. Talking on the telephone may indicate that you wish to communicate with someone or perhaps you want to give yourself a good talking too. Either way pay attention or try to record the conversation, as it will offer insights into what it is that you want to get off your chest.