Quick Decode: New beginnings; commitments; growth


Popular Expressions: A babe in arms; Left holding the baby; Handle with kid gloves


Possible Meanings:

Is the baby in your dream yours or someone else’s? If it’s yours and you’re not pregnant – and don’t wish to be – then it may suggest new ideas, new projects, or new beginnings. Whether it’s related to a career or a relationship, a baby in a dream reminds you that to achieve any goal there must be an incubation period that allows the idea or plan to develop, a development stage where you sketch the idea or plan out, and finally, when it’s on its feet, lots of attention and TLC. If it’s someone else’s baby, do you feel that someone else is making you responsible for their obligations? Perhaps the baby suggests that you want to be nurtured and looked after for a while. It would be nice for someone to look after you for a change.