Quick Decode: Magic; fantasy; unattainability

Popular Expressions: The best of both worlds; walk on air; kick your heels up

Possible Meanings:

Does the unicorn in your dream indicate that you want to see beauty in all things? Where does the unicorn appear in your dream? If it’s a place you recognize, is this a magical place for you? Perhaps your dream is telling you to let up, let loose, and let magic happen. The unicorn also represents surrealism and myth. Are you living your life in a fantasy world at the moment? How do you feel about it? Is it escapism? The unicorn may also signify unattainability. If you can’t get near the unicorn in your dream, what do you feel you can’t attain in your life?The unicorn could be a symbol for you to get out a bit more and have some fun, if nothing else the unicorn knows how to kick up it’s heels!