Quick Decode: Deep inspiration; wishful thinking; good health

Popular Expressions: All’s well that ends well; Get into deep water

Possible Meanings:

Wells symbolize creativity, nourishment, and abundance. Is it a wishing well, and with the toss of a small coin your heart’s desire will be granted? Are you thirsty, and the well offers refreshment, indicating all is well? If you’re at the bottom of the well looking up, do you feel confined, helpless, and trapped? How did you get there? Was it by your own doing, or is someone else responsible for placing you in this predicament? Are you being reminded that the only way out of a predicament you’re facing right now is to look up? That to get ahead you need to claw your way to the top, step-by-step, inch-by-inch? Perhaps it’s time for you to call out for help?If you’ve just gone through financial difficulties then this could be a symbol that you are well heeled and your finances have taken a turn for the better.