Quick Decode: Success; good fortune; desired outcomes

Popular Expressions: Come out on top; Get the better of; Win hands down

Possible Meanings:

Dreaming that you win indicates good fortune. Is your life particularly fortuitous at the moment? What is happening to make it so? Winning is also associated with success. Do you feel particularly successful in your life at the moment? Or if someone else is the winner in your dream, does it represent a recent success in his or her life? How you feel about it will indicate how you accept other people’s achievements. Does the win signify how you’d like to see things turn out in your life? Note the circumstances of the dream to determine what you feel will result in good fortune.If you don’t feel particularly positive at the moment, you may dream of a win to lift your spirits.In a result orientated world that we live in, where we play so much emphasis on gold medals, world cups and coming first, we need to remember that sometimes winning isn’t everything. The mere fact that you participated or completed or beat your personal best should be enough.