Quick Decode: Messages; freedom; overview


Popular Expressions: The early bird catches the worm; A bird in the hand; Free as a bird


Possible Meanings:

In the ancient world, people believed that birds resided “up there” with the gods, flying down to Earth to convey messages. What is the message that the bird in your dream is trying to convey? To help you find out, determine what kind of bird it is and what you associate it with. Eagles are often associated with independence because they’re kicked out of the nest early. If you see a hawk in a dream, think of it in relation to super vision. Do you need eyes like a hawk to ascertain what’s happening around you? Is the bird in your dream an owl, implying wisdom? Or do you see vultures, suggesting parasitic behaviour? Perhaps a dove, sparrow, crow, seagull, or pigeon appears in your dream . . . the list is long. To understand the bird’s significance, simply think of the character associations you give your feathered friend in relation to your own life.