Quick Decode: Buoyant; rise above emotion; acceptance


Popular Expressions: Don’t rock the boat; Miss the boat; In the same boat


Possible Meanings:

Could the boat in your dream symbolize a desire to be more cheerful and light hearted . that is, more buoyant? What kind of boat are you in? Is it a speedboat fully powered and taking to the sea with ease, or is it a leaking tub that takes a lot of hard work to keep afloat? This could indicate how you feel about your ability to stay afloat in life. It’s important to determine what type of boat it is, and then relate the function of the boat to your own life. For example, ascertaining whether the boat is a pleasure craft or a service craft will indicate that it’s either time to get away or get to work. Is there a captain of the boat/ship in your dream? Have you given this person responsibility over your life? Or are you the captain and recognize that you’re in charge of your destiny?