Quick Decode: Quick decode: heating up; passion; copying


Popular Expressions: burn a hole in your pocket; burn your bridges; burn the candle at both ends


Possible Meanings:

Seeing yourself burn in a dream maybe frightening at first but it’s actually a real good symbol. Firstly it could be as simple as you have a fever, Secondly it could be that your pyjamas, electric blanket or your quilt are much too warm for you. If it’s none of the above it could be that you are going through enormous changes in your life and the best way to get rid of the past is to completely barbeque it. Once its ashes it can be blown away. Ask yourself is it time to change direction. It could also mean injustice lots of people were burned at the stake and they actually did nothing wrong, do you feel your being falsely accused. If the burns on a particular part of the body then ask yourself is that the particular part of the body you wish you could change for example your legs, your arms, your behind, your nose etc. If it’s your skin is someone getting under your skin and are they irritating you and making your blood boil. Finally it could be that someone is copying you or mimicking you as these days we burn a CD so we can duplicate it.