Quick Decode: Churned up; ripening of ideas; being number one (big cheese)


Popular Expressions: As different as chalk and cheese; Big cheese; Cheesed off


Possible Meanings:

Does the cheese in your dream represent someone in your life who has authority over you – that is, did you dream about the big cheese? What type of cheese is it? Hard, soft, aged, tasty, or filled with holes? Relate the description of the cheese to the person you think it represents to determine any correlations. Are you okay with this person giving your life direction, or are they taking liberty with your life and bossing you around? Cheese is geographical. Every country, from Australia to Bulgaria to Italy, has a different range of cheeses. Is this significant in relation to travel desires or destinations? Also, cheese is used to catch rats. Who’s the big rat in your life that you want to trap? Or do you feel that you’re being tempted into a situation that could leave you in bad shape?