Quick Decode: Quick decode: emotions; characteristics; appearance


Popular Expressions:  Colour of someone’s money: show your true colours; passed with flying colours


Possible Meanings:

We live in a colourful world therefore it’s very important to pay attention to the colours we see in our dreams. Because we dream in symbols, colours usually indicate our emotion. Red for passion, Pale Blue for calmness, green for mother nature etc instead of going to a book and looking up what the colour purple means, ask yourself how do I feel when I’m wearing purple? Most books state that purple is the colour of royalty, refinement and power only Roman Emperors could wear purple in Ancient times. You may feel different, you may think I look old fashioned in purple, I stand out too much or the colour doesn’t suit me therefore I feel unattractive. The point is ask yourself, what emotion do I feel when the colour is present? When you dream in black and white it means you want to see things more clearly, well defined without any illusion.