Quick Decode: Quick decode: remains; finality; cold; inactive


Popular Expressions:  I wouldn’t be seen dead; over my dead body; stiff as a board


Possible Meanings:

At first it’s very disconcerting to see something lifeless but as we dream in symbols ask yourself is the deceased standing still as far as your concerned? In life they are going nowhere, they’re not moving forward and they don’t seem to be progressing in any way and you see them in your dreams as a corpse. If the corpse is you then is that the way you feel about yourself? Is it time for you to recharge your batteries and reincarnate into a more active and livelier person. It could be something simple like, someone is acting too stiff and cold towards you and you would like them to be a bit more lively. It could be that it’s an expression of your true feelings towards someone and you wouldn’t be seen dead with them. Or maybe it’s a sign that you are being too stubborn and it will only happen over your dead body.