Quick Decode: Simplicity; credit; false economy


Popular Expressions: A cash cow; Play now, pay later


Possible Meanings:

Does the credit card in your dream imply wealth, safety, and confidence? Is that how you see yourself – full of possibilities, with unlimited resources? Or does the credit card make you feel overcommitted, in debt, and out of control? If so, does this indicate that you feel as though you’re living on borrowed time, that things will catch up to you soon? Is it your credit card or someone else’s? If it’s someone else’s, ask if you’re giving them the credit they deserve, or it you’re undervaluing them? Or perhaps you’re overvaluing them and living in their shadow? If it’s your credit card, then do you feel that you’re getting the credit you deserve? Are you hoping for greater convenience and simplicity in your life? Credit cards are so easy to acquire these days that many people spend beyond their means without foreseeing the consequences. Does the credit card in your dream indicate that you take credit for things you don’t deserve?