Quick Decode: Gathering; pressure; assembly


Popular Expressions: Stand out in the crowd; too close for comfort; two’s company, three’s a crowd


Possible Meanings:

Most important thing is how do you feel? Are you enjoying the company? Or do you feel suffocated and crowded out? If you enjoyed the company then it means you would like to be more social. If were concerned or uncomfortable then it’s time to retreat and not to have so many people around or relying on you. Ask yourself did you stand out in the crowd? Or did you blend in? What was the purpose of the gathering? Was it a protest or a party? Or simply strangers coming together, to observe something unusual. To answer your dream you must ask yourself as many questions as you can about the crowd and how you felt. Finally if your really interested in someone and you would like some quality time with them and it just doesn’t happen because there’s always someone else around then you may see a crowd in your dream because two’s company and three’s you know what!