> Body Parts

Quick Decode: Self; ability; extremities

Popular Expressions: Over my dead body; A body blow

Possible Meanings:

Without a body what would we be? A no body! Every part of the body is related to a state of being. For example, the backbone is associated with courage; the head with thinking; the heart with romance and love; the stomach with emotion; the Achilles' heel with vulnerability; and so on. What part of the body did you dream of? What is its relation to your state of mind? Also consider any phrases associated with the body part, such as "pain in the neck" or "keep at arm's length". If you have a recurring dream about a particular part of the body not functioning, go and see a physician; it may be your body's way of alerting you to a problem. If there isn't a problem, consider which part of the body is crippled or restrained and ask why? Is it a part of your body or someone else's? Does it repulse you? For example, if it's your (or someone else's) feet, is it about mobility and your freedom to get around. Perhaps it's about support? Do you feel you are not getting enough support? If you dream of a skeleton or bones, consider what it is you want to reveal. Do you need to look at the structure, support or framework of things? Or could it indicate that you need to rely more on your intuition, ie. you knew it in your bones! If you dream of skin, is it about sensitivity and outward appearances? Are you only looking at what is on the surface? If you see a birthmark, it could indicate individuality, a symbol of uniqueness. To dream of a face may indicate the way you see yourself in the world. If the face is heavily made up, does it indicate that you want to make yourself more desirable, or hide your imperfections? If you dream of an internal organ, consider its function and how it appears in the dream. For example, to dream of a heart may indicate a broken heart, while to dream of lungs may signify a desire for fresh air and ideas. We are often reminded that the body is a temple for the soul. In relation to the dream, consider how well you are maintaining and caring for your temple!