> Watching/Being Watched

Quick Decode: Under the spotlight; micromanaged, voyeurism, paranoia, hunted.  Opposite: Big Brother, hunter, spying

Popular Expressions: Watch someone like a hawk, look someone in the eye, look down on someone, look for trouble, watch the clock, look the other way, look up to somebody

Possible Meanings:

Watching: Exactly what is gaining your interest? What is it that you are observing? How do you feel about what you are seeing? Identifying what you are seeing in the dream and the emotion accociated to the vision will indicate either something that you wish to learn more about or a situation that you must face. The dream is asking you to put it in front of you and not in the back of your mind. Does who or what you are observing know that you are doing so? Do you desire your viewing to be private and secret? Or are you quite comfortable knowing that they know you are watching? It is important to understand the difference.

Being Watched: Do you feel that it’s valid or are you paranoid in the dream? We usually don’t mind being watched if we are doing nothing wrong and it is a passing glance. Concerns are raised if it’s prolonged surveillance or if we don’t want to be caught in the act. Ask yourself what am I doing in the dream that I do not want others to know? Also ask yourself, is it really happening or am I assuming that it could happen? It is important to know the difference upon waking, because if the feeling of being observed is legitimate then one needs to take some steps to ensure that it stops and if it is pure fantasy then one needs to stop feeling in this way before it becomes overpowering. 

Finally, when we crave attention we dream about being in the spotlight, so it’s important to observe who is watching you and why you want them to pay more attention to you. And if you are watching someone else, it could be an admission that you should be paying more attention to them in your waking life.