> Work/Career

Quick Decode: Commitment; expression; livelihood

Popular Expressions: Have your work cut out; All in a day’s work; Work your fingers to the bone

Possible Meanings:

What type of work are you doing in your dream? Is it a new line of work, perhaps indicating a desire to change jobs or professions? Work is associated with commitment; so think of it in relation to what you feel committed to in your life. Also consider work as a symbol of expression—a way to make your mark in the world. What creativity are you expressing in your dream? Are you working with your hands, your mind or perhaps both? Do you feel your expressing your true potential? If your unemployed then obviously it’s either wish fulfillment or a reminder to keep trying. We often need time to work things out and it can be paradoxical to dream that you are working hard at something when you really need more time and more thought put into a situation so things will work out. Sometimes seeing yourself hard in a dream could indicate that you need to exercise more or perhaps join a gym to get a good work out.