Quick Decode: Out of control; begin ungrounded or unsupported; in a slump

Popular Expressions: Fall from grace; Fall into line; Fall on your feet


Possible Meanings:

You’ve woken with a thud. You know you’ve just taken a fall in your dream and made a crash landing back into your body. Why are we so frightened of falling when the sensation in itself is exciting? What we are really frightened of is being unsupported and crash landing. If you dropped from a tall building and 20 strong firemen stood underneath with a net, you wouldn’t be as afraid because you’d feel supported. Falling in a dream may suggest that you feel unsupported in life. Who is supporting you? Why don’t you feel supported? What can you do to support yourself? Notice what you are falling from in your dream (a cliff, a ladder or out of thin air) and, if you don’t wake up first, take note of what you fall on or into. What’s the context – work, relationships or a social situation? This will give you a clue to the areas of your life in which you feel unsupported. If you dream you fall off a ladder, first check the ladders around your house to make sure they are safe, then ask yourself if someone was supposed to be holding the ladder for you? If you see someone else falling in a dream, ask yourself if they need support. Or perhaps they are falling from your grace? What do they represent to you? Perhaps an aspect of yourself is falling away?Look at your life, too. Are you anticipating a fall at work, in a relationship or in another area of your life? Fall is another name for autumn, a time when the leaves fall off the trees… is it time to hibernate and get ready for the regeneration of spring? Research has found that when astronauts dream in space, they dream that everything floats! Perhaps the fall in your dream is simply a physical sensation.