Quick Decode: Inclusion; identification; familiarity

Popular Expressions: Familiarity breeds contempt; you can pick your friends, but not your family; the black sheep of the family


Possible Meanings:

It’s important to note how you feel toward your family member(s) in your dream. What is your relationship to them like? Are you going through a rough patch? Is your dream helping you process heavy or difficult emotions?Is the relative a dependant who relies on you for their survival? Or do you rely on the relative, perhaps leaning on them too heavily? Explore how you feel about your dependency, or their dependency. Is it reassuring or a drag? Family dreams can also indicate that you’re working through past issues. Perhaps you’re working to change the relationship you have with them, or maybe you’re dealing with childhood issues. Are you part of another family in your dream? If so, consider whether it indicates a desire to develop new relationships.