Quick Decode: Respect; dedication; patriotism

Popular Expressions: Put the flags out


Possible Meanings:

In your dream, what is the flag’s place of origin? If it’s your own country’s flag, does it stir up a sense of pride, or is it a cause for embarrassment? If it’s another country’s flag, do you feel like burning it, or are you full of admiration? If it’s the latter, then it may indicate a desire to travel to that country, or to be more like its people. If you feel anger or aggression, then what is it about the flag’s place or origin, or its people, which offends you?Perhaps the flag is a symbol of knowing where you belong. Or, if the flag is at half-mast in your dream, it may indicate melancholy and sad feelings—a period of loss and mourning. Who or what saddens you at this time?