Quick Decode: Attraction; forgiveness; coming of age (blossoming)

Popular Expressions: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet; on the scent; the flower of one’s youth


Possible Meanings:

To see flowers in a dream can represent a heightening or lifting of spirits. Are you looking for a natural high in your life? What are you doing with the flowers in your dream? To receive or give flowers in a dream indicates that someone is showing you that they love and care for you, or you’re showing someone else you love and care for them. Flowers can also be a symbol of forgiveness. Are you giving the flowers, or is someone giving them to you as a sign of forgiveness? Are the flowers in full bloom, indicating a blossoming, a coming of age? Is something or someone blossoming in your life? Or are they only buds, indicating the delicate beauty of youth? What do you feel is about to unfold?