Quick Decode: Resistance against status quo; feeling insulted; self-righteousness

Popular Expressions: Read the riot act; Protest too loud

Possible Meanings:

This symbol clearly suggests that there are always two sides to even the most righteous cause. Should you be considering someone else’s feelings even though you think you’re right?What are you (or someone else) protesting in your dream? Is it the status quo, indicating a desire to overthrow existing conditions? Or are you protesting for something, such as peace or equal rights? Protesting can also symbolize self-righteousness. What do you feel that you (or the person protesting in your dream) are in the right about? Are you becoming zealous or fanatical about something? Perhaps the protest in your dream indicates that you feel insulted. Who or what has offended you? Or is someone protesting against a perceived offence of yours? It may also symbolize hidden guilt. What are you protesting too loudly about?