Quick Decode: Prediction; message; confirmation

Popular Expressions: Gut feeling; I’ll believe it when I see it; strike a chord

Possible Meanings:

Who is the person in your dream you believe will have an answer for you? Is the answer profound and easy to understand, or is it in parables? Do you like what you’re told about your future, or are you frightened by it? Is the outcome something you know in your heart, with the dream simply reinforcing this knowledge? What divination tool does the psychic use—a crystal ball, bumps on your head, or lines in your hands, Tarot cards? Perhaps this form of divination has some interesting answers for you if you care to find out more about it. Seeing a psychic can also signify wish fulfilment. Have you been pondering whether or not to seek out a fortune teller to gain insights that will help you determine a direction for your future?